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FunBlast! Features
Trivia to the Next Level...

► MORE FUN with 12 Ways to Play: Get 4 game modes @ 1 player, 2 player, and Team play!

MORE GAME MODES:  Bet Big, Go Fast, Trivia Fun, and Go Millionaire keep you hooked for hours.

BETTER QUESTIONS:  Not only are FunBlast! questions more interesting and more entertaining, but they're also more accurate.  You know we CARE about your total enjoyment when we include a button to flag any question you think could be misleading or inaccurate.
► PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS, lively animation, and over 40 sound effects bring your trivia game to life.
► NO MORE REPEAT QUESTIONS: By default questions are never repeated before all new questions have been used and unlike competitors, this is tracked separately for each user who plays on your device.   (Unlimited users supported!)
CONVENIENT SHOPPING:  Easily tap a button to discover the best deals and most unique merchandise related to your trivia topic of choice.
GREATER FLEXIBILITY let's you disable sound effects, background music, etc. You're in control!

PERSONALIZE YOUR GAME and make it your own by adding your favorite background image to match your style or the trivia theme.  Choose your own image or one of over 20 cool built-in backgrounds.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS on Facebook or E-mail.  You can even SHARE your best high scores and taunt your friends with your superior knowledge.
BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We care about our customers and your total game experience. That's why we include a feedback and support button right on the main menu as well as on our website. 
► MORE TRIVIA BRINGS MORE FUN!  Prove and expand your fan-knowledge with dozens of traditional and pop culture topics available now with more being added.  Each topic includes over 150 challenging but fun multiple choice questions (includes 50 bonus questions after free registration)   
Don't be fooled by imitators or discouraged by junkware. When you want fun and you want the best, the choice is easy: FunBlast!
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